Research and Class Visits

  • Research
    As part of a major research institution, the Newcomb Art Museum of Tulane University welcomes scholars, researchers, and students to learn more about our collection. Before submitting a request, please read the guidelines below.

    Research Guidelines:

    • Visits must be scheduled at least ten (10) business days in advance
    • No more than two (2) people may come to any appointment, unless previously arranged
    • Adults only, no children under the age of twelve (12)
    • Appointments are held for one (1) hour periods during regular business hours (Mon-Fri, 10am-5pm)
    • No more than five (5) artworks may be requested
    • Artworks weighing over 50 pounds and/or artworks not in stable condition will not be viewable
    • No photography, scanning, or copying is permitted unless previously granted
    • No backpacks, purses, or coats may enter the collections storage; all will be held in our secure coat room
    • No pens or permanent inks, pencils only, may enter the collections storage

    To request an appointment, please send the following information to We will respond to all requests within 48 hours.

    • Name
    • Institution
    • Email / Phone
    • Research Requested (please include artist’s name, accession number, etc.)
    • Appointment Date and Time Requested (please offer two (2) available times)
    • Any Special Requests
  • Class Visits
    We welcome class visits from Tulane faculty and area universities and colleges. If you are interested in scheduling a class visit, please email for more information.